The life support concession provides a daily discount to eligible customers who use an approved life support system or who live with someone who uses such a system in their principal place of residence.

The approved devices and current rates are:

  • Oxygen concentrator, 102.268 cents per day
  • Peritoneal dialysis machine, 75.877 cents per day
  • Haemo-dialysis machine, 75.877 cents per day
  • Chronic positive pressure and airways regulator, 36.289 cents per day
  • Continuous positive airways pressure machine, 36.289 cents per day
  • Respirator (iron lung), 135.259 cents per day
  • Combination oxygen concentrator and chronic positive pressure and airways regulator, 138.558 cents per day
  • Phototherapy machine, 192.722  cents per day
  • Left ventricular assist device, 36.289 cents per day

To apply for this concession, eligible customers need to complete the Application Form and have it certified by their medical practitioner before submitting it to their electricity retailer.

For more information, contact 1st Energy.

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