What is a Remote Reconnection & Disconnection?

A remote reconnection and disconnection service is the ability to connect or disconnect a property without having to physically visit the site. This is enabled by smart meter technology.

Electricity customers in NSW that has a smart meter can elect to have a remote reconnection or disconnection completed after meeting pre-determined safety criteria and requirements to determine if the remote reconnection or disconnection can be performed safely.

A remote service order fee will be charged when the distributor can safely connect or disconnect your property without having to physically visit the home, unit, site, or building. If we are unable to connect your property remotely you will have an option to connect the property manually.

Fees and Service Order charges for Remote reconnections and disconnections.

How to identify if you have Smart Meter?


There are various types of electricity meters and they are unique and can vary for all property types. Your meter will have a unique meter number specific to your property. Below are the 3 types of metering you could have:

Clock Dial Meter (Basic)

Cyclonic Dial Meter (Basic)

Digital Meter (Basic & Smart)

If you do not know what type of meter you have please call us on 1300 426 594 and we will assist you in determining your meter type.


What do you do if your Power is Off?


If your power has been off supply for less than 6 months, we can raise a remote reconnection to reconnect your property.

If your power has been off supply for more than 6 months, we will need the following from you:

You will need to obtaina Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES – known in NSW as a CCEW) from a Certified Licensed Electrician (Level 2 or greater Authorised Service Provider)


 What do you do if you have had electrical works take place?


A Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) form would also be required after any electrical works have been carried out at a premise.

To ensure the works have been completed to regulated safety standards, this form is to be completed by a certified electrician and provided to the Customer. This form will also be requested by the Retailer and metering provider. This process complies with the Electricity Safety Act 1998 and Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009.


Some examples of electrical works are as follows:

Modifications, alterations, and installations, such as switches, sockets, fuse boxes and any new or altered wiring circuits made to the property.


Once we have the Certificate of Electrical Safety CCEW/COES we will be able to raise the required Physical Visit Service Order to reconnect your property.


What are the safety criteria that needs to be met for a successful remote connection/disconnection?

Please remember to set your main electrical switch to ‘off ‘ so we can complete your request safely.

The additional safety criteria your property will have to meet before we can raise a remote connection are as follows:


Please ensure you are aware of the location of the meter box, switchboard or any alternative supplies like solar, batteries etc.

Please ensure there are no electrical works performed during the process of the Reconnection/Disconnection.

Please make sure there is no potential hazards at the property such as exposed wiring, locked gates and obstructions.

If you are unsure if the property has been off supply for an extended period (more than 6 months), please contact your real estate agent, landlord or distributor to obtain accurate information.


If we find that we cannot safely perform a remote connection or disconnection, we will request that a manual service be carried out by your electricity distributor. It is very important to ensure that electricity is connected and disconnected safely and having a technician visit the site to perform the connection or disconnection allows them to identify any potential hazards.

Other reasons your Remote connection may not have been completed could be due to the following:

The last time the property was disconnected, the fuse was manually removed and because of this the fuse will need to be manually replaced by a meter technician.

The main switch was not in the off position.

The meter is damaged and cannot be connected or disconnected remotely.

There has been a system or communications fault resulting in your connection or disconnection not being able to be done remotely.

If you would like to know the exact reason we could not remotely connect/disconnect your property, please call us on 1300 426 594 and we can assist you.

If you do not have a smart meter installed, a manual connection/ disconnection will be required, which involves a physical visit to your property from a  meter technician to reconnect or disconnect your meter manually.

Please ensure you provide clear access to the meter on the day works have been scheduled for your property.

Please note additional costs is involved for a manual connection or disconnection.

If you do not wish to reconnect/disconnect remotely, a manual connection/ disconnection will be required which will involve a physical visit to your property from a meter technician to reconnect/disconnect your property manually.

Please ensure you provide clear access to the meter the day works have been scheduled at your property.

Please note additional costs is involved for a manual connection or disconnection.

Generally remote connections can take up to 48 hours to get you connected. 1st Energy will always follow best endeavor practices to get your power connected as soon as possible.

If you have further questions regarding your connection, please give us a call at 1300 426 594 and we will let you know how long until you can expect your power to be turned on.

If you are residing in a standalone house (or townhouse with a shared meter board), the main switch will be in the meter box with your safety switches and will be labelled as ‘main switch‘. If you are in an apartment it will be on a small white switchboard within the apartment with your safety switches (usually near the door to the apartment). If you cannot locate it within the apartment building, property management may need to give you access to the meter room in the apartment building to turn the main switch off.

If you have any questions regarding your main switch location, please contact us on 1300 426 594.

If you have any questions regarding your proposed connection/disconnection; then please contact us on 1300 426 594, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm (AEST).

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