Whether you’re an existing customer or want to switch to 1st Energy, make sure you take us with you when you are moving.

Moving with 1st Energy is easy – call us, pick your plan, tell us a few details and we’ll ensure you get your power connected!

1. Call Us

Call our friendly team at least 3 business days prior to your move in date and we’ll organise to get your power connected for you.
(Please note – connection fees will apply)

2. Ensure clear access to meter

Access to your meter should always be clear, no locked gates or animals obstructing your meter. This will ensure we can get you connected!

3. You’re good to go!

On the day of connection ensure your main switch is in the off position so a fuse can be inserted to give you power. Once connection is complete you may turn your main switch to the on position.       And you’re good to go!

Moving fees:

Your distributor may charge a re-connection fee when moving into your new property and connecting electricity or gas (or reading your meter where applicable) To find your re-connection fee, please refer to this document.

Need assistance?
We’ll help. Call us on 1300 426 594

What makes 1st Energy different?

  • About 1st Energy

    Founded in 2014, we are a new energy company currently servicing Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland.

  • Our Energy Plans

    Break free from being treated as a number in the system. Our low rates and great discounts are just the beginning.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    We offer a number of easy payment methods for you to keep your account up to date online.